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E-raced is a not-for-profit organisation focused on

Erasing racism one story at a time.

We train young migrants and refugees to share their stories with school children and their broader communities to help create an inclusive Australia free from racism.


Our Mission

The best Australia is a diverse and inclusive Australia. We believe in the power of storytelling to create connection across cultural lines and push us all to become more empathetic and empowered in the fight against racism.

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Our Impact

We believe that better understanding is good for anyone and everyone, and the best way to achieve it is through the sharing of stories. That’s why our motto is “Erasing Racism One Story At A Time.”



schools visited

Since we launch our E-RACED in 2015, we have visited 40+ schools mostly in regional and urban Queensland. Our goal now is to expand nationally.



YOUNG PEOPLE talked to

Young people are the future! Our programs connect young people of diverse backgrounds through storytelling, games and genuine interactions that create empathy, understanding and a platform for an inclusive Australia to grow.



media mentions

Racism is still a taboo subject but we believe the more we share and celebrate our differences, the better we can combat unconscious bias and racism in this country. We are always open to speaking to the media and sharing our stories.


Our Story

Racism is like gravity. It pulls us all down.

E-RACED was created by Prudence Melom, a refugee from Chad who arrived in Australia at age 11 without a word of English and has gone on to become the Toowoomba Australia Day Young Citizen of The Year in 2018 and make it her mission to help erase racism in Australia.



Ready to be a part of our anti-racism street team? Grab some swag and spread the good word! Diversity is key!

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Get Involved

There are lots of different ways for you to get involved with E-RACED and our mission to erase racism in Australia, one story at a time.


Sign Up For a SCHOOL Program

We are now accepting school visit requests for 2019. Click the link below for more details of the program and to get in touch.

share your story

We’re looking for storytellers! Are you a new migrant, refugee or young indigenous person who would like to share your story?

Make a Donation

We are a 100% not for profit organisation and rely on generous donations to keep doing the work we do. We greatly appreciate all donations.